Alutop dispenser tops

So that the quantity served is always correct

Dispenser tops are designed for serving drinks, oils, vinegars and other similar liquids, conveniently for the user and measured. But a dispenser top is much more than a guarantee of constant flow without any gushing. In fact, Hite dispenser tops meet current demands and regulations in matters of the prevention of fraud by refilling, preventing the manipulation of bottles and their contents. Distilleries, liquor dealers and other related industries use dispenser tops with a pre-sealed capsules and ball-design pourers. What about your business?

Screw tops for bottles
An elegant seal for bottled spirits, oils, vinegars, wines, etc. … SEE
Stopper tops for cava or champagne
The seal that ensures maturing and the second fermentation in bottle to follow the first SEE
Alutop dispenser tops
So that the quantity served is always correct SEE
Crown corks for beers, ciders, soft drinks, etc.
Totally sealed bottles with their contents protected SEE
Over Cap Tops (topping)
Plastic tops for Split bottles SEE

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