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Aware of the effort, dedication and care that you devote to the contents of your bottles, at Hite we want to be part of the essence captured in every one of your projects. To do this, our professional team offers the option of a joint study on the possibility of personalising the discs for your bottles. In this line, we can explore the various printing techniques, including dies, gravure, finishes, materials, etc. How can we help you?

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From the base, or raw material, to the final shape or finish, at Hite we develop projects for personalising discs for sparkling or other bottles with the aim of meeting the needs of industries in the sector, as well as the demanding end consumer. The personalised discs that we produce at Hite allow us to work on aspects such as the materials (gold, silver, bronze…), the printing techniques (digital, offset…), the engraving of details (with laser or diamond), etc.


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Hispano Italiana de Trenzados Especiales, S.A. has received support for its savings and energy efficiency projects: “Implementation of a new and highly efficient system for twisting wirehoods” and “Implementation of a new production system for wirehoods and printing caps”.. Find out more