Precision manufacture of wirehoods and discs for bottles


At Hite we only work with the best machines and the best suppliers to ensure that your designs and messages adorn your discs and caps with your ideas. Also, we have our own equipment for printing special orders.

All jobs, whether they are done with digital or offset printing or other techniques, are inspected to guarantee top quality machining. On this point, we check on the designs, the quality of drying and varnishing, etc., following an exhaustive policy of returns where necessary.


The bobbins of wire for the production of wirehoods are a key raw material in making muselets for cava, cider and other bottles. Besides working only with well-known brands, in order to ensure a stable and regular feed to the machines at Hite we study the quality of each coil using different tests: tension, resistance, colour… These controls are essential to guarantee a top quality end product.


Before being fed to the machines for the manufacture of the discs or caps themselves, the printed sheet is precision cut to suit the needs and specifications for machining. To do this, we use cutters of the latest generation in order to adjust the material to the production process.


Following approval of the relevant orders for production, coils and sheet are fed into the machines to make the wirehoods or muselets, with or without disc. This work is done by powerful, automatic, high precision machines, allowing for a flexible production speed, while always reliable. In parallel with this process, strict quality control guidelines are applied to the production.


Visual controls, mechanical tests, measurements, etc. The entire production has to go through exhaustive controls to ensure that the quality of the production processes can be guaranteed. To do this, samples are taken every 30 minutes in real time to go through destructive tests with special devices for the purpose. In this sense, the caps and wirehoods extracted “suffer” our most demanding controls: tension, pressure, surface, resistance, measurement, etc.


After packaging and with careful protection for each finished batch, at Hite we despatch the finished products to the customer, or we can offer a service of storing and keeping stocks in our warehouses. Enquire about this last service through the customer attention team.


Our production process, together with the pre- and post-production tasks, is under strict control to ascertain the precise state of each part of the process and the movements of each production unit. In this sense, through technological tools, computer ERP management systems and under the quality specifications of standard ISO 9001:2015, traceability is controlled for all the activities going on in Hite.

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