From an idea, a concept, a project with value can emerge.

At HITE S.A. we have spent more than 50 years helping enterprises in your sector to conceptualise, develop and make wirehoods/muselets, caps/discs and special tops for beverages.

All bottling contains the essence of meticulous work, careful preparation, and often involves a very personal project. The culmination of the work also requires sealing and communicating the quintessence of your project with an impeccable finish. This last aspect is for the purpose of giving your product greater value.

Broad industrial experience

Since 1966 we have been investing time and effort in optimising all our production processes.

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Quality and printing never before seen

In addition to the best materials, we use advanced handling and printing techniques.

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International service and attention

We supply a comprehensive service in the global ambit: from the conception of the project to its delivery.

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For any question, suggestion or enquiry that you would like to discuss with us... please send it to us using our contact methods. We shall be delighted to attend to you, advise you or prepare a technical proposal for your project.

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Hispano Italiana de Trenzados Especiales, S.A. has received support for its savings and energy efficiency projects: “Implementation of a new and highly efficient system for twisting wirehoods” and “Implementation of a new production system for wirehoods and printing caps”.. Find out more